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Perfect Tone Fade Cream


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Do I really need a professional Make-up Artist for my wedding?

Appearance and first impressions are always important, but more so on the “biggest day of your life" - your wedding day.

While color is the single-most impactful thing we can put on our faces, flawless skin provides the perfect palette.


When your total image is in harmony you will look and feel your best as a bride. That said, it's important to select makeup products and colors to enhance your total wedding day look.

Professionally selected/applied skin products and cosmetics will not clash with or overpower other elements, nor will it look washed out in photos.

A skilled bridal stylist knows stage/film and photography makeup application, which is designed for digital and wedding photography.

Applied by professional hands, your makeup will look flawless all day.

Should I Book a Bridal Make-up Trial?

Trial make-up puts you at ease.  The relationship between a bride and a make-up artist is key.  You need to develop trust and rapport prior to your wedding day.


I require a trial make-up appointment - a BRIDAL PREVIEW -  for my brides as a means of securing my services.  Rare, emergency situations may justify waiving the trial appointment.  Feel free to visit my on-line bridal portfolio.  

When and Where Is Trial Make-up Done?

I conduct bridal preview appointments at least 3 months prior to the wedding date. These appointments are offered from my professional home studio. Click here for more info.


What if I don't like my make-up?

See why you should do a trial? You should be comfortable with your look and stylist. Don’t be afraid to say you don’t like something; we can work together to adapt the look to your definition of perfect.

How Long Is a Trial Make-up Appt?       

Allow up to 2.5 hours for the trial/preview. Airbrush bridal face make-up application may take longer, as custom blending is required. Due to COVID I am not currently accepting large wedding parties - for YOUR safety and mine.

Which should be done first the day of the wedding, hair ... or make-up? 

Per artist preference, make-up is generally done after hair. Up-do’s & roller sets should be done before make-up. If hair is being styled only and not washed, make-up can be applied first.

I'm on a tight BUDGET. Do you TEACH bridal make-up techniques?

Yes. I've coached & taught skin & make-up for  30+ years. I advocate for my brides to empower, educate &encourage them, assisting w/ bridal style development, color analysis & make-up application. My goal is to help clients feel and look beautiful inside & out.    

Do you offer GIFT CERTIFICATES for your services? 

On a tight budget? Perhaps a friend or family member can gift you with your "look" for the big day?


Gift certificates for skin & make-up can be purchased in 2-hour increments.  

What make-up brands do you use?

I use Temptu Pro, Makeup Forever  MAC, Bobbie Brown, Kryolan, Pat McGrath,Charlotte Tilbury,Graftobian,Ben Nye,Scott Barnes & other products, as needed. Product selections are customized to the needs of each particular bride.

On this page, I've provided links to some of my favorite wedding skin/make-up products to help you look like a blushing bride both at and AFTER your wedding! If/when you purchase, be sure to register (to earn purchase points) and let Color Me Beautiful, Flori Roberts, Adrien Arpel, Gale Hayman know that Rockelle Coffey sent you! Need custom skin care recommendations? Contact me!

Any other pre-wedding advice?

Again, skin is the palette for wedding day make-up. Your skin should be prepared in advance. I love facial services. I see the healing benefits to the skin, body and spirit.  Many health and skin issues can be addressed with good nutrition, basic skin hygiene. Talk to me about how far in advance of your wedding you should seek one or more facials to enhance your wedding day look.

Wedding Makeup

It's Your Wedding Day
You have questions

Booking Wedding Make-up OR Making An Appointment?

Until further notice (due to COVID) all wedding day make-up application will be done in my home studio.

There are times when you absolutely SHOULD RESCHEDULE your facial appointment! If you are ill, please re-book. My priority is to ensure that my pro non-medical facial treatments represent a safe experience for both parties. Please reschedule if you are experiencing any of the following:  viruses, colds, flu, cold sores, toothaches/infections/abscesses, recent dental work, head or neck injuries, facial cancer, recent scarring, bacterial infection. Thank you!

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