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Makeup Artistry



A Kentucky Bride


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Tattoo Coverage



Camera Ready

Yes, I do editorial/print makeup!

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Bridal Makeup

Airbrush Makeup


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Bridal Makeup

Finishing Touches

Using Sterile Techniques


The Big Day!

The groom was in military dress uniform!



Sharing a laugh with a satisfied client.


A Kentucky Bride


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Tattoo Coverage



A Photo Finish

Pro pigments and good makeup artistry "shine," even in b&w!

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Bridal Makeup

Airbrush Makeup


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Bridal Makeup

The Final Finish

A Photo-Ready, Natural Look!


She Did!

Natural outdoor light, great venue!

What are your qualifications?

I'm so glad you asked - and you should! Not everyone who offers makeup artistry, or even esthetic services is licensed and/or qualified.


I've had the opportunity to tour the country representing brands such as Fashion Fair as a makeup artist, brand ambassador and trainer. I've been blessed to make up the faces of country artist, Tina Adair, gospel recording artist, Sheila Brigham Jones, jazz artist, Connye Florance, and TN-based ministerial couple, Bruce & Robin Kennedy.


Virtually every year of my 45+ year career I have sought additional training. I won't bore you with the details here, but HERE is the fine print, or what is it the kids say these days? The receipts! Ha! Ask me anything. I'm an open book.

Have wedding make-up questions?? CLICK HERE

What makeup products do you use for professional makeup assignments?

I use professional grade products. There is a difference between street vs. pro products.  Street products are retail products available to the general public. For professional bookings I utilize product lines ranging from MAC, to Temptu Pro, Make Up Forever, bearing in mind how these products will look in photographs, how well they will hold up under artificial or natural light, etc. I customize the application to match both the occasion and the qualities and conditions of the client's skin. 

What do I use for makeup classes for "everyday" daytime looks for women or teens?

For these applications I use and prefer Flori Roberts/Color Me Beautiful products.

Do you teach corrective makeup techniques to patients? 

Yes!  Contact me for a quote which is generally my hourly rate. I will also provide a kit customized to your needs.

What does holistic skincare or esthetics consist of? 

I think that is as personal as the practitioner, their education, background and specialized training.  In addition to being  a licensed cosmetologist/esthetician trained in advanced paramedical esthestics & body therapy, I've also sought and completed additional training for specialized facials, full body treatments, makeup artistry, facial acupressure, massage and yoga. I recognize that we are more than just skin.  I address my clients' bodies, souls, and spirits, from a whole health perspective, to include nutritional and emotional well-being.  

Do you educate aspiring artists in airbrush makeup artistry? 

Yes, but not at this time. Due to COVID 19, access to the raw materials associated with the products needed for this service has been limited.

Is there anyone who should not get CST (Crandiosacral Massage Therapy)? Is an Esthetician qualified to offer it?

Absolutely! This therapy is not recommended for individuals with history of acute stroke, acute cerebral hemorrhage, aneurysm or any acute cerebral vascular condition.

I am a licensed beauty professional and I hold certificates in Clinical Cosmetology & Paramedical Aesthetics.  My background in the health care field includes having worked as a medical assistant and esthetician in a private medical practice, and as a registered dental assistant. That experience qualified me to study, train, and subsequently be approved to deliver CST after enrolling in a credentialed therapeutic massage therapy program. 

What is your favorite service and why?

 I love facial services. I see the healing benefits to the skin, body and spirit.  Many health and skin issues can be addressed with good nutrition, basic skin hygiene, and an hour of self care in the form of a relaxing facial!

Have wedding make-up questions?? CLICK HERE

Beauty Products

Frequently Asked Questions

Making A Facial Appointment?

There are times when you absolutely SHOULD RESCHEDULE your facial appointment! If you are ill, please re-book. My priority is to ensure that my pro non-medical facial treatments represent a safe experience for both parties. Please reschedule if you are experiencing any of the following:  viruses, colds, flu, cold sores, toothaches/infections/abscesses, recent dental work, head or neck injuries, facial cancer, recent scarring, bacterial infection. Thank you!

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