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Welcome To the Man Cave!

"A man can be beautiful physically, mentally, or personality wise. True beauty, though, is in the spirit. A genuine man who understands right and wrong, with a strong sense of self is beautiful. A man who can be compassionate and caring, but firm and wise. Someone who can do the right thing no matter who's around to see it. Even if the deed is unseen and unrecognized. That is a beautiful man."


— Benjamin Franklin

Self care is not limited to women. If you've made your way to this page, I hope you are dedicated to treating yourself, or the important men in your life to the gift of wellness that we ALL deserve. 

Barber's Pole
Shaving Brush
Barber Grooming

Rock Recommends - Just For Men!

In my experience in this industry . . . MEN . . . have questions! I'm here to answer them. In coming weeks I'll be adding FAQ's, product recommendations, etc. to help you find answers for yourself, or someone special to you.


You may be wondering what qualifies me to put in my two cents? I think that's a fair question. Many purport to be experts in their fields, but don't have "the receipts." Ha! Feel free to peruse my bio and resume. I've spent more than half of my life engrossed in continuous learning for the benefit of my clients. Ask me anything you want to know about my education and qualifications. 


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